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Need your rugs cleaned but don't know who to turn to? Because of the special care required to clean, restore, and treat rugs, only skilled, qualified specialists should attempt to clean them.

What to Ask A Rug Cleaning Company
Questions to Ask To A Rug Cleaning Service Provider

Most of us probably don't know the right questions to ask when evaluating potential rug cleaners. To be sure you're happy with the result, consider the following questions.

Is There A Difference Between Rug Cleaners?
Do Rug Professionals Differ From One Another?

A loud YES is a response to this query. Some cleaning services come to your home, while others transport the dirty rugs to their own facility. Discover the ins and outs of rug cleaning.

When & Why You Should Call a Rug Cleaning Professional
When And Why to Contact A Rug Cleaner?

While it's tempting to attempt cleaning your rug on your own, this isn't always the ideal strategy if you want it to last and look its best.

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Best Practices to Maintain your Fine Rugs

Rug Pads – Rug pads are vital for keeping rugs in place without slipping, and a high-quality pad will also help your rug last for many more years.
Rotate Rugs – Rugs should be rotated often to avoid shriveling in sunlit areas.
Blot Spills – If your pet has an accident or spills on your rug, don't use water or harsh chemicals to clean it; this could ruin the fibers. Get rid of the debris then have your rug cleaned professionally ASAP to avoid persistent odors and staining.
Frequent Rug Cleaning – Over time, rugs become filled with dirt and debris. So, to maintain its fiber in peak shape & condition and keep its appealing appearance, rugs require regular cleaning.

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Rug Cleaning Memberships & Associations

Here are some of the organizations that our members belong to help you know if they are a
rug cleaning company you can trust.

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