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Cleaning of Different Types of Tufted Rugs

One of the special characteristics of the tufted rug is its density. By that feature, it provides the user with the ultimate experience of comfort and insulation. However, this fiber piece might not be as durable as the machine rugs. But it can still last for 1 or 2 decades with proper care. Let's check out some facts about different types of tufted rugs in this article.

blue tufted rug on the floor

Why Tufted Rugs Are Popular?

In recent years, the number of tuft rug users is growing. One of the core reasons for that would be the abundance of color, design, and sizing options. If you compare the price with the hand-knotted rugs, it's quite budget-friendly. Another reason that makes it a better choice for both the sellers would be the less production time. Tufted rugs also allow altering their thickness by customization. Last but not least, some of the rugs in this class hold higher quality than other similar rug types.

Different Tufted Rug Types

Here are some different tufted rugs that are different from each other because of different characteristics, construction methods, and designs.

Patterned tufted rug on the floor
  • Hand Tufted: This type of rug is normally thicker. For a lower budget and home decoration, it would be an ideal choice. Its normal lifespan is 5 to 7 years. However, custom-made hand-tufted rugs can be used for decades.
  • Machine Tufted: Being made on a large production scale these rugs can be easily obtainable. Other advantages are cost-effectiveness and design options that can easily meet the customer's requirements.
  • Textured Tufted: Textured tufted rug also comes with multiple designs. That includes geometrical, abstract, or floral works.
  • Berber Tufted: Berber tufted rugs are similar to the rugs made by Berber tribal groups in North Africa. The exceptional texture and bold design have made the rug type distinct from other rugs.
  • Pile Tufted: You can enjoy durability and softness with this tufted rug together. Some of the pile-tufted rugs are stain-resistant.

There are also other types such as synthetic tufted rugs, wool tufted rugs, solid tufted rugs, patterned tufted rugs, etc.

Professional worker cleaning tufted rug

An Expert Cleaning Remarkably Preserves the Tufted Rugs' Integrity

As time passes, rugs tend to fade, wear and tear, discolor due to heavy traffic, spills, pet stains, sunrays, and many other reasons. That not only spoils the design of the rugs but also harms the fibers. So, ultimately their beauty and integrity become vulnerable. A proper rug cleaning eliminates the flaws that appear over the rugs due to the factors mentioned and retains and restores the value of the rug.

Another reason why you must not think of applying the DIY method is that not all rugs have the same characteristics, and materials that those are made of. The same goes for the stain types. Having the necessary equipment and technical knowledge the professionals can do the cleaning task efficiently without harming the soft fibers.

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