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Moth Repellent from Moth Repellent for Rugs

Moths are drawn to the protein in the natural fibers present in your rugs. As a result, you might notice moth damage on various parts of the rug. Additionally, they also lay eggs which turn into larvae that continue to damage the rug fabrics as they grow.

To prevent moths from causing such damage to your rugs, you need moth repellent & rug protectors from professionals. Rug Rangers can help you connect with a local rug specialist who can provide exceptional rug protection services. The protective treatment they use is not meant to harm the rug textile in any manner. Your rug stays safe and gains the ability to repel moths from infesting your precious rug. Give Rug Rangers a call at 844-230-3311 to locate a certified rug contractor near you or click on the link to find your local rug ranger.

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Moth Repellent & Rug Protectors for Various Types of Rugs

Moth repellents are excellent at increasing moth retardancy for your rugs. These rug protectors safeguard the rug fabrics from being “moth food”. Our contractors offer rug protectors for every kind of natural or synthetic rug.

Rug protection for moth is available for:

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Moth Larvae in Rugs

Moths love the protein available in rugs and like to choose it as their breeding ground. They also feed on hair, dead skin cells, & food debris usually found within rugs. They lay eggs which also feed on your rug to grow into full-size moths. These moth larvae are gross to find in a home and are terrible impressions to give to a guest. But, effective protectors can save you from such situations.

Additional benefits of using moth repellent include:

  • Protect your indoor environment
  • Prevent fabric damage for rugs
  • Stop moths from laying eggs
  • Retain your rug’s fresh appearance

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To find top-rated rug specialists, contact Rug Rangers. We are associated with licensed & certified professionals who specialize in rug protection services. They are equipped with the recommended resources to safely apply moth repellent to your rugs. Call us now at 844-230-3311 to help you reach a rug contractor near you.