Rug Pads by Rug Rangers Contractors
Rug Pads by Rug Rangers Contractors

Rug Pads by Rug Rangers Contractors

Rug Rangers is the most trusted and reputable network of rug cleaning and related service providers or contractors in the United States. We have the best pool of licensed service providers to handle all of our customer's needs, including rug pads.

A high-quality rug pad can endure for several years before it needs to be replaced. There are a few easy ways to tell when a rug pad needs to be replaced.
Rug pads should be replaced if they are fraying, have padding fibers near the rug, or the rug no longer stays in place. Call us right away at 844-230-3311 to find our local contractor in your area.

Rug Rangers Has Rug Pad Solutions

Rug Rangers has a network of local contractors to find the perfect rug pad for you. It is recommended that your natural fiber area rug be professionally cleaned every one to three years, which generally coincides with rug pad replacement.

Professional Cleanings and pad replacements are recommended to happen together. Rug Ranger's local contractors have your area rug cleaning and rug pad solutions.

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Benefits of Rug Pads By Rug Rangers Contractors

Adding a rug pad underneath your area rug comes with these benefits:

  • Extra cushioning: A rug laid directly on tile or a hardwood floor will provide little cushioning and barely seems as if it's there from a softness standpoint. The cushioning provided by a rug pad makes it softer, more comfortable surface to walk, sit, or lay on. This extra cushioning also helps with noise reduction. It's an added bonus in homes with hard surface floors.
  • Protective barrier: Area rug padding typically helps create a protective barrier between the rug and the surface underneath. Another benefit includes when a spill occurs, rug padding helps prevent seeping through the area rug and causing serious damage to the surface beneath the rug.
  • Prevent slips & falls: It's common for an in-home area rug to lay underneath couches, tables or other furniture. Without the rug pad there is moe chance to slide or bunching. This leads to walk on or across the rug more risk of slipping or tripping over bunched areas. Rug padding helps hold the rug in place and prevent the edges of the rug from sliding or bunching up. 

Trust Rug Rangers For Best Rug Pads By Local Contractors

Non-slip rubber felt, and felt-rubber combination pads are the three major forms of rug padding. It is critical to select the correct pad for your specific rug and pad requirements. Improper padding can harm both your floor and your nice area rug.

You can contact our skilled and certified staff at Rug Rangers at 844-230-3311. You can plan a convenient time for rug pickup and transport to your local contractor's cleaning facility, and have your clean rug delivered back to your location in 3-5 days. Your local rug cleaning service can also store your rug until you are ready for it to be returned after a transfer or remodeling. Let Rug Ranger's local contractors come to the rescue for rug pads.

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