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Area Rug Care Tips: What You Can Do to Extend the Life of Your Rugs

Area rugs have the power to add a unique, elegant splash that unifies any vast room. Maintaining an area rug's cleanliness is of utmost importance because it may significantly improve the appearance of your house. However, if you keep your area rug clean and well-kept, it may survive for many years. However, here goes some rug care tips to help you out!

The Daily Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming of your rug's two sides is a necessary component of proper cleaning. Even though vacuuming doesn't completely remove all dirt and dust from the rug's pile, it does help to prevent pollutants that can wear down your rug's fibers and lower its longevity. To prevent fringing, try to avoid vacuuming the edges and sides of your rugs.

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Try to Rotate Your Rugs Once in A While

Rotating rugs on a regular basis is another suggestion for keeping them looking their best. You will start to notice wear and tear in the highly congested regions of a rug if it is never rotated since it will wear unevenly. Area rugs may be further harmed by sunlight and foot traffic. To ensure that the wear on either side of the rug is equal, rotate them once or twice a year.

Start Using Rug Pads

To get the most out of your rugs, you must use rug pads. They improve safety by reducing bunching and wrinkling, as well as preventing slipping. These cushions also shield the underlayment from stains and color transfer. Rug pads make thinner rugs more comfortable as well. When these rugs are firmly secured with a good pad, vacuuming them will be easier.

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A Professional Clean-up Is Necessary

Nothing can take the place of a regular check from a cleaning specialist. Even with routine home maintenance, professional area rug cleaning is necessary to increase the longevity of your rug and bring out its inherent beauty and vibrant colors. Professional rug cleaning is often advised every 12 to 18 months on average. You might need to clean your rug more frequently, though, if it's in a high-traffic area, or have pets, or you have allergy symptoms that are brought on by air pollutants. Pet allergies, smoking, mold spores, house dust, and urine odors may all be removed from area rugs only by a professional rug cleaner. Additionally, only a professional rug cleaner can guarantee that the cleaning process won't cause any harm to your rug.

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Rug cleaning is a precise and delicate process that requires the expertise of trained professionals who are aware of the proper care, handling, and upkeep of rugs. Rug Rangers is a powerful network of qualified rug-related service providers ready to give the finest support for you. Visit this page to discover the rug rangers in your area. You may reach us directly by calling 844-230-3311 as well.