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Remove Smoke Odor from Rugs

Smoke odors caused by fire, cigarettes, or even burnt foods may penetrate every corner of your home, especially your rugs. It can be quite challenging to remove smoke scents embedded in the rug's fibers and padding. The odor doesn't go away that easily. In order to eliminate the smoke odor, you need a professional's help who knows the proper way to get the best outcome. Rug Ranger has the perfect solution for it. We are a large network of leading rug specialists, providing service throughout the United States. We have enlisted rug cleaning companies around different localities that serve only one purpose - keeping your rugs healthy.

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Smoke odor removal from rugs

Remove Smoke Odor from Rugs: What to Use and How to Do It?

Fire-damaged rugs are the worst things to happen because no matter how you restore them, the rug must need a professional deodorization process. Otherwise, the smoke can penetrate through the rug pads and make the situation even worse. However, you can always try to follow the below methods to control the damage for the highest rug protection:

  • Since baking soda is absorbent, it should be able to remove any smoke residue efficiently. So, cover the burnt rug area with baking soda first.
  • Press the baking soda to make an even coating. Try using your hands or walking over the layer.
  • Let it sit for 30 minutes or more. It will go all the way to the rug base.
  • Now, vacuum it at a moderated pressure.

Following these steps doesn't give you the assurance of obliterating the smoke odor. That's why a professional rug cleaning service is your best bet for the best results.

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