Rug Cleaning tips

Rug Cleaning Tips

Unsure of what to look for and what to ask when you need your rugs cleaned? Here are some helpful articles to help guide your decision.

Is There Any Difference Between Rug Cleaners?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES. Learn more about the rug cleaning do's and don'ts and processes

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Questions to Ask a Rug Cleaning Company

No matter what type of rug you need to have cleaned, it's important the rug cleaning company you select has the right credentials and training to clean it properly so as to extend the life of your rug and get out any stains or dirt particles that may be s

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When To Call A Rug Cleaning Professional

There are times and ways that you may be able to spot clean a rug and other times when it's best to trust your rug to a professional.

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