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Rug Maintenance is a very sensible and important part of an area rug’s day-to-day life. Maintaining rugs can be difficult and time-consuming. That is why it is best to bring in a rug cleaning expert to handle the task.

Rug Maintenance by professionals is needed every 6-12 months for a long durable and stain-free rug. If your rugs are not properly maintained then chances are it might catch unavoidable rust, deep dust that can cause damages, pet urine or odor, coffee spills, and more.

So why take the chances with your expensive rugs? Call us today at 844-230-3311 to talk with our friendly customer care and we will contact one of rug cleaning local contractors to take care of your rugs.

Professional Rug Maintenance

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Tips for Maintaining Your Rugs

Tips for Maintaining
  • Vacuum regularly! Regular vacuuming can reduce the abrasive action of soil and grit from the pile and should take place even when the rug does not look overly dirty You have to step-less on your rugs, keep your pets away, must not drip ink from a pen, should avoid any means coffee spills and more. But that’s not possible, isn’t it?

    These are the reasons why a good quality vacuum cleaner used by professionals is recommended to remove dust and dirt from a shagpile or high pile rug.

  • Rugs should be professionally brushed or vacuumed with a suction-only appliance regularly to prevent the build-up of damaging dust and grit. Occasional rotation of rugs is necessary to even out any areas of wear or un-even sun fade that may be occurring. Vacuuming the back of the rug every now and again will keep it dust free and help prevent moths from harboring in the rug.

    Avoid, if at all possible, placing very heavy furniture such as tables, chairs, on rugs. If unavoidable place casters under small or sharp-pointed feet. Shoes should be clean cause you have to be clean barefooted to walk on your valuable rugs. Taking professional help won’t let you take such hurdles rather you can roam free on your rugs and stay tensionless for any stains, pet urines or odor, blot spills, and more.

  • Get Your Rug Cleaned Professionally Every Year: Try to have your rugs professionally cleaned once every 6-12 months, using a professional carpet/rug cleaner. Professional cleaning should be carried out one of our top-notch rug cleaning contractors, and they promise to give you the best rug maintenance in your local area.

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