Apply Soil and Stain Protector to Your Area Rugs

Imagine you're having a great evening after just getting your years-old area rug back from the cleaning service, shining like a new one. What if a cup of coffee gets spilled on it accidentally? Is there any way to prevent this kind of rug damage beforehand?

Apparently, there is a way. By applying soil and stain protectors on your rugs, you can prevent rug damage issues like these. These protectors help prevent the soil or stains to get in direct contact with your valuable rug. In your area, if there are rug experts who can get this done for you, Rug Rangers is here to help you find them.

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Other Rug Cleaning Services That You Can Find in Rug Rangers

  • Pet Stain RemovalPet stains are quite hard to get rid of once they have affected your rug. But it can be done perfectly by a professional.
  • Pet Odor RemovalWhen in contact with the pets for too long, your rugs can catch pet odors that can be a hassle to get rid of. This is also a service that can find in Rug Rangers.
  • Organic CleaningIf you are not comfortable with chemical contamination during your rug cleaning process, our contractors have a solution for that as well. Our organic cleaning will take care of the cleaning process without harming the environment a bit.

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