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Pet Odor Removal Services by Rug Rangers

We, at Rug Rangers, offer several solutions for dealing with pet odors, provided by our experienced members with decades’ long reputation among & trust of the customers. We can guarantee complete removal of pet odor in most cases. Here’s what you should know about pet urine odor as it applies to carpet:

  • The problem is most likely a multilayer problem
  • The urine is in the face yarn
  • The urine has soaked through the primary backing (latex) and secondary backing (polypropylene)
  • The urine is soaked through the padding underneath the carpet
  • The urine has soaked into the subfloor underneath the pad
  • The urine could also be soaked into surrounding baseboards and walls, furniture and drapes
  • The longer the problem exists, the more pungent it becomes
  • Urine can sometimes cause permanent stains that may not be removed
Pet Odor Removal Services

Pet Odor Removal Process

With our huge network of service providers operating nationwide, we can guarantee of eliminating most severe pet odor problems, provided the urine is limited to the carpeted area, pad and flooring below, but has not migrated into secondary surfaces as described here.

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