Rug Pads for Different Floor Types

The placement of your rug is a major factor to consider when selecting an appropriate rug pad. It is also important to think about things like the flooring's thickness, softness, resistance to stains and scratches, and traction. However, there are a variety of rug pads available to suit a variety of floor types.

Rug Rangers, one of the reliable networks of rug-related service providers and contractors, can connect you with a local contractor who, after inspecting your rugs and floors, can advise you on the best rug pads to use. If you are ever in need of a rug pad, dial 844-230-3311 to find your local contractor.

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Wide Range of Rug Pads to Fit Different Flooring Types

Different types of rug pad.
  • Hardwood Floor: A rug pad for a hardwood floor should have a firm, non-slip grip, as this is an essential safety feature for the floor. Choose felt or natural rubber pads that have a non-slip backing or a textured surface that grips the floor and prevents the rug from sliding or shifting. This helps enhance safety and stability, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • Laminate Floor: If you have a laminate floor, you should use a rug pad to prevent the rug from scratching the surface. Natural rubber rug pads are the best option because they will not discolor, stain, or damage your laminate flooring. Adhesive rug pads can damage laminate when removed.
  • Stone & Tiles: Choose rug pads with a strong non-slip grip for tile and stone surfaces. Rug pads with rubber or latex backing can be used for superior grip and stability. The rubber material creates friction against the smooth surface of the tile and stone floors, enhancing stability.
  • Carpet Floor: Rug pads made with polyester and vinyl are best for carpeted flooring because these types of pads protect both rugs and carpet and at the same time prevent slipping.
  • Concrete Floor: A concrete floor can be damp, and retain some humidity. That's why it is recommended to use foam padding under a rug when laying it on a concrete basement floor.

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