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Infested Rugs Repair

Infested Rug Repair By Rug Rangers Local Contractors

Having an area rug infested by moths, fleas, or other seen or unseen pests is no joke. Areas rugs should be a focal point, not a point of shame. Area rugs that have been in families shouldn't be left to pests, but should be saved and preserved from them.

Our network of contractors in your local area specializes in cleaning and restoring dirty or infested rugs. After applying their safe, but effective pesticides, their highly-skilled repair services bring beloved area rugs back from the brink of having to be thrown out.

Instead of getting rid of those soiled or damaged area rugs, call Rug Rangers at 844-230-3311 for infested rug repair services by the best best local rug cleaning contractors. They'll perform area rug miracles and save you money on having to purchase a new one.

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Infested Rugs Treatment Process

How We Care For Infested Rugs

Our Rug Rangers local area contractors maintain strict protocols & procedures to get the best results for infested rug repair.

  • The experts inspect your rug thoroughly and isolate the infested rug from other fabrics to prevent further spread.
  • Determining the type of pest, environmentally-friendly repellent or pesticide is used so as not to compromise your rug's condition.
  • After the infestation is removed, deep cleaning removes all foreign rug matter.
  • After drying, color correction maintains rug contrast and tone.

Rely On Rug Rangers Local Contractors For Superior Infested Rug Repairs 

Our Rug Rangers trusted contractors also provide services for pet stain removal, rug pads, rug repairs and more throughout your local area, anywhere in the U.S. For superior, professional treatment, cleaning or repair for infested area rugs, call us today at 844-230-3311 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation.