Backing Repair Services

Rug Backing Repair Services in Your Local Area

Old or worn-out backings on any of the tufted area rugs, hooked rugs, or machine-made rugs are replaced to protect and maintain the area rug. The rug with a new backing will have a longer life as it helps secure any rug tufts, knots, fringe, or scrim. 

Our local rug cleaning contractors who are experts in providing the best backing repair services will ensure you the best treatment for yours. All you have to do is give us a call at 844-230-3311 and we shall get you in touch with one of our best contractors. 

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How Professionals Perform Backing Repairs

Backing repair service is a skill mastered by experts because of the challenge required to perform the task. Here are some important steps they follow:

  • Step 1: Removing The Backing- In this step, they first remove the backing of the tufted rug border. The damage may be caused by several issues such as water damage, fire damage, and many more. For example, if the rug is damaged by water then they use fabric scissors and snip the tiny bit of thread securing the border down around the entire perimeter. 
  • Step 2: Getting it Cleaned and Sanitized: When they get the rug, they start soaking the rug in a tub with a specialized hospital-grade disinfectant cleaner. 
Backing Repair Services

Rely on Rug Rangers for the Best Backing Repairs for Your Area Rug

Backing Repair Services is a rug repairing art performed by very few rug cleaning companies, only the best contractors have the right people and types of equipment to provide this service. Rug Rangers are proudly affiliated with some of the best rug cleaning companies in your local areas who can ensure the best care for your rug. All you have to do is give us a all at 844-230-3311 today.