Patching & Reweaving Services in Your Local Area

Patching & Reweaving Rugs in Your Local Area

It's nearly impossible to sustain a rug for a long time if you don't maintain it properly. Whether you are aware of it or not they do have a life expectancy, patching and reweaving do play a big role in it. Rug patching is a process where the hole in your rug will be covered using a patch in another, matching rug. At times this particular rug repairing process may turn out to be the best way to repair many Oriental rugs and other heirloom rugs. Patching is recommended to be done as soon as holes are discovered to prevent more extensive damage.

Rug weaving is a form of ancient art and craft that has been perfected by many cultures, including the Turkish. It is a great repairing solution as of today for many rugs especially the ones that come with great value. It is recommended for expensive oriental rugs the extent of the damage. There's no doubt that it is the best way to repair your Oriental rug or other fine area rugs to near original condition, though it’s time-consuming.

Patching & Reweaving Services

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