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Turkish Rugs are made from only the most high-quality materials. Hand-spun wool and silk are much more valuable than cotton or wool-cotton combinations. You will notice a difference between a silk rug and a cotton rug immediately. That is why Turkish Rugs command a high price and must be well-maintained to keep their value.

Regular rug maintenance and rug cleanings are required for silk rugs. Fortunately, Rug Rangers is connected with the best local rug cleaning contractors in your area. They are licensed and certified. All you have to do is give us a call at 844-230-3311 and we shall get you in touch with one of our contractors ASAP to properly clean and maintain your Turkish Rug.

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Proper Turkish Rug Maintenance for Homeowners & Business Owners

Use Rug Pads: To keep rugs firmly and safely in place, use a rug pad. Your rug will be preserved, protected, and have its life extended with a quality rug pad.

Rotate Rugs: To ensure even wear and avoid fading from the sun, turn the rug occasionally.

Blot Spills: Remove any debris and wipe the spill if there is a stain or spill. Avoid rubbing it. Then, as soon as possible,have your rug professionally cleaned to avoid persistent staining and odors.

Regularly clean rugs: Rugs should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, even if there are no spills or stains, to remove dirt and debris embedded deeply in the fibers and to fix any wear and tear caused by regular foot traffic.

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At Rug Rangers, We work along with some of the top rug cleaning service providers in your neighborhood.They all have licenses, a track record of success, and offer a variety of services, including rug cleaning, rug maintenance, rug repair, and more. Please give us a call today at 844-230-3311. Our customer care professionals are always standing by to take your call.