Best Rug Cleaning Process in Your Local Area

Best Rug Cleaning Process and Results in Your Local Area

Best Rug Cleaning Process in Your Local Area

Rug cleaning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, as it can be difficult work and time-consuming. Our local rug cleaning contractors' area rug cleaning process for Oriental and specialty rugs has earned us rave testimonials and loyal customers for many years.

We firmly believe in their success rates and offer you action more than encouraging words. Their customers have praised the dedicated working methods and efficiency providing services within the allocated time given.

From Oriental and Persian hand-knotted, wool and silk rugs to Chinese, Karastan, Navajo, Indian and Edward Fields and Carousel Mills rugs, they receive high marks for expert cleaning methods and excellent customer service. Call Rug Rangers today at 844-230-3311 to connect you with the best local rug cleaning contractors.

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Custom Rug Cleaning Methods

Custom Rug Cleaning Methods By Rug Rangers' Superior Local Contractors

Our local contractors use a time-tested cleaning system, using gentle, yet effective, techniques and natural elements, such as air and water, to remove soil, dirt, stains, and odors from your Oriental, synthetic and natural area rugs. We customize our area rug cleaning process to clean, restore and repair the fibers, dyes, weave types and construction of each rug.

At Rug Rangers, we provide certified rug cleaning contractors who are dedicated professionals, striving to meet and exceed your expectations with the attention to detail and their meticulous superior area rug cleaning process.

Step 1: Determine Fiber Content

At first you have to inspect and find out what the fiber content of the rug is, because this is a necessary step to carry the total rug cleaning process further. Wrong assessment can ruin your aesthetic rug.

Step 2: Identify The Origin of The Rug

The origin of the rug has to be determined for any cleaning considerations and inspect for pre-existing conditions under special lights.

Step 3: Check for Colorfastness

Before cleaning, colorfastness has to be checked, otherwise the rug cleaning process might take the colors away from your rug, along with the possibility of dye bleed and color migration.

Step 4: Choose the Cleaning Method

Upon identifying the type of rug, the preferred cleaning method has to be determined and performed.

Step 5: Remove Dry Soil

Removing dry soil and pile lifting with state of the art technology is also something that is inevitable. 

Step 6: Apply Pre-Treatment and Pre-Conditioners

Application of pre-treatment and pre-conditioners are done by our skilled professionals so that your rug is ready for cleaning thoroughly . Sometimes this process is performed by soaking in the vat.

Step 7: Thorough Cleaning

Now that the pre-treatment and pre-conditioning is done, the rug is cleaned 2 times each side minimum, and more times if necessary.

Step 8: Groom and Set Pile

To fluff out the carpet fibers, and to quicken the drying time, grooming and set piling is done carefully.

Step 9: Dried in Control Airflow Area

For further quick drying time, the rugs are dried in a controlled airflow area, which prevents cellulosic browning, curled edges, and shrinkage.

Step 10: Fringe Cleaning

Fringe cleaning and grooming of fringes are done if necessary to make the rug look as good as new.

Step 11: Quality Control

All the steps are performed properly and are kept under supervision so that the quality of the rug cleaning service that we provide is always satisfactory to you.

Step 12: Fiber Protectant

Fiber protectant and moth deterrent are applied so that your beautiful rugs are protected from future damage.

Step 13: Storage System

Your rugs are stored in our high quality storage system so that it does not get dirty and there is no further damage to it.

Step 14: Delivery or Pick Up

We roll up and wrap your rugs up for delivery or you can also pick it up at your convenient time!

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