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Rug Repair Services by Rug Rangers Service Providers

Oriental, Persian, Cowhide, Leather, Indian, Afghan, Pakistani, Moroccan, Tunisian, Turkish, Caucasian, Chinese, Romanian, Spanish, Navajo, and anything else- you name the type of rug you have and we will provide you with the required service by the best quality repair services provider from Rug Rangers’ wide network.

Rugs should be professionally inspected on a regular basis to protect them from damage and wear. As a bonus, you'll save money by avoiding the need for major rug repairs. Our national network of independent contractors offers the following services across the United States:

  • Fringe repair-fixing or replacing damaged rug fringe
  • Serging & binding-Serging and binding are used to complete the rug's edges.
  • Patching & reweaving-patching up holes and fixing rips and cuts in rugs
Rug Repair Services by Rug Rangers Service Providers
  • Backing repair-installing a replacement rug backing
  • Boosting brightness and adjusting color
  • Spot and filth removal from the rug's surface to preserve its shine and value

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Repairing rug fringe

Fringe Repair Services

Services and care should be prioritized for Oriental rugs. If the fringe on an Oriental rug needs fixing, the method will be determined by the rug's construction. When re-wrapping a rug with hand-knotted edges, it's important to pay special attention to the rug's original colors and construction. This work procedure is carried out by hand.

Whenever possible, a machine-made Oriental rug should be repaired using power fringing because it is both more effective and less time-consuming than hand-fringing. If you want to make a major change to the fringe, our members can provide you with a vast selection of colors and materials to work with. Even if you don't like the fringe, you can always cut it off.

Serging & Binding

Serging is a finishing technique that gives the rug a professional look. Wool, cotton, or synthetic thread should be used to secure your Oriental rugs and prevent them from unraveling. Rugs may be serged by hand or machine, depending on their structure. As a first step, the rug's edges have been given special attention to ensure their durability. When the rug's edges need fixing, they are reinforced first, then serged, to ensure the repairs will stay.

Rugs manufactured from tufted carpets typically require binding for repairs. For a polished appearance, the rug's raw edge is covered with a short fabric strip and stitched down to prevent fraying.

Reweaving and repairing rugs

Patching & Reweaving

Fixing a rug by sewing on a patch might be the most practical and visually pleasing solution for many Oriental rugs and other antique rugs. If you find a hole in your rug, it's best to patch it right away to avoid more damage.

Depending on the price and condition of the Oriental rug, it may be worthwhile to have it rewoven. Even though it may take some time, this is the finest and most comprehensive way to restore your Oriental rug or other excellent area rugs to near-new condition.

After the damage is cleaned, the rug's base is resewn with fresh thread in the exact same color and texture as the rest of the rug. After that, the knots are carefully replicated such that the repairs are undetectable to the naked eye.

Backing Repair

To prolong the life of a tufted area rug, hooked rug, or machine-made rug, it's important to replace the backing if it becomes damaged or worn. By keeping the rug's tufts, knots, fringe, and scrim in place, a fresh backing can extend the rug's life span.

Your rug will be safely transported to one of our service providers’ state-of-the-art rug cleaning facilities to have any necessary repairs performed and get professionally cleaned. Pickup and delivery services are always included in the service charge. Contact us today at 844-230-3311 to know more details.