How to Get Rid of Spills by Blotting Rugs in Your Local Area

Spills happen easily and the stains they leave can ruin the beauty of your expensive and valuable carpets. Whether it’s your Oriental Rug, Persian Rug, Leather Sheepskin Rug, or Sisal Rug, a stain can change the whole complexation and value of the floor covering. Stains can be caused by the ink of pen, paint, dirt, coffee drips, pet urine or stains, and more.

We would highly recommend you to take the help of professional rug cleaning contractors who are licensed and provides the best rug cleaning services all over the USA. All you have to do is give us a call 844-230-3311 and one of our friendly customer care will receive your call. Instead of rubbing a stain, blotting it is a more effective option until a rug cleaning professional arrives.

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Rubbing Stains Can Cause Rug Damage

The first reaction when you spill something on your carpet is to grab a clean rag and start rubbing at the stain. Please don’t do that! Rubbing can enhance the problem even bigger, and it’s the last thing you would want to do because the rubbing action actually causes the stain pigments to move deeper into the carpet fibers.

This why professional help is required as they can effectively get rid of your spills with their advanced rug cleaning mechanisms and take the best care of your Rugs.

Rubbing Stains

Blotting Can Benefit Your Rugs

The key to removing stains is blotting them. Start with a clean rag. (Depending on the type of stain, you may put different cleaning substances on the rag; more on that later.) Then gently press the stain with the rag, moving from the outside of the stain to the inside. This puts just enough pressure on the fibers to pull out the stain, but not so much that you grind the pigment in.

But that can also be a risk as following the process there are chances you may overdo it or even enlarge the stain at a point where professionals might not be of any help. Hence resulting in purchasing another rug which can be costly. This is why we always recommend getting rid of your blot spills with the help of our local rug cleaning experts.

Blotting Can Benefit