Rug Protector and Stain Repellent

Cleaning Professionals with Rug Protector and Stain Repellent in Your Area

Most carpets are now stain-resistant, which means they already have stain protection on them. Rug manufacturers avoid using the term "stain-proof" because there is no definite guarantee that these carpets are stain-resistant 100 percent of the time.

Our professional rug cleaners from rug rangers provide services for stain-repellent and rug protectors. If you bought a rug that isn’t stain-resistant, they can do this for you, and it’s not even that expensive. All they need to do is apply a stain-resistant and protection formula to your rugs.

Rug Rangers are there to aid your rugs with rug protectors and stain repellents. We are affiliated with some of the best rug cleaning contractors in your local area who are specialized in repelling moths and giving your rugs a healthy life. Treating rugs is not everyone's cup of cake rather it takes great skills and time to undergo the process. 

If you require rug protector and stain repellent services then please give us a call at 844-230-3311 and our friendly customer care will get you in touch with one of our contractors.

Rug Protector- Reasons Why You Need It

The protector does work and we certainly recommend it for new rug purchases as well as after each professional cleaning.

Liquid Suspension: Rug protector suspends liquid spills for up to 18 minutes for easy cleanup, helps with dusting and vacuuming results as well as with future professional cleanings. We treat each rug with a protector and groom it into the pile thus coating all of the rug fibers. This blocks liquids and dry soils from embedding themselves into the fibers.

Rug Protector- Reasons Why You Need It
  • Safety: Rug protector prevent shifting of the rug when it's walked on. A rug protector is designed with a surface that will stick to both the floor and the rug. This is especially important if you are placing the rug on a hard/slick surface like tile or hardwood. It's sometimes recommended to include the use of double-sided carpet tape on your rug pad to better security.
  • Cleanliness: Most rug protectors have ridges or bumps that help trap dirt particles that can become embedded in your rug. These ridges and bumps will also allow airflow between your rug and the floor, which will help greatly when vacuuming your rug. Rug protectors are also good for preventing wet spills from reaching the floor or carpet beneath your rug.
  • Increased life span: Rug protectors can increase the life of your rug by protecting it from shifting and rubbing on the bottom, which will cause a lot of friction, resulting in a prematurely aged rug.  Placing a rug protector between the floor and your rug will help to lessen this damage and make your rug last much longer
  • Increase the life of your floor: Over time, damage to your floor can be caused by collections of dirt and grime underneath your rug.  These small abrasions can scratch your hardwood floors or wear down carpeting. 
  • Comfort: Rug protectors provide for a more cushioned walking surface. They also help to provide noise absorption. It also prevents a rug from bunching up, which will detract from its appearance. 

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Advantage of Using Rug Repellent

Advantage of Using Rug Repellent

  • Durability and Protection: Rug Repellent lengthens the life of your upholstery, rugs, furniture, and carpets, especially in high-traffic areas. It adds a layer of protection against dirt, water damage, mold, bacteria, and oil and water-based stains.
  • Easier Cleanup: Even professional cleaning companies can use a little help where they can. Applying rug repellent to your carpets and furniture will help release more stains when having carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned by allowing spills to blot before staining. It helps carpet fibers resist soiling. It will even make vacuuming more effective!
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality: Rug repelling adds an extra layer of protection of clean to dirty carpets, rugs, and furniture. Using improper cleaning products or methods can significantly compromise the indoor air quality of your home.
  • Cost-Effective: We recommend applying rug repellent at least once a year. It is also important to schedule regular professional cleaning and opt for added protection for your rugs, carpets, floors, and furniture.

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At Rug Rangers, our local contractors provide all kinds of rug cleaning, maintenance, moth repellent, UV protection for your rugs. When you need to have your rug professionally washed, repaired, protected, or stored, call us 844-230-3311 or contact us online and our team will be there to pick up your rug in no time! Our service area includes Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, and nearby cities.