Questions to ask a rug cleaning company

Questions to Ask a Rug Cleaning Company

It is important to verify that the rug cleaning service you hire is equipped to handle your specific rug type. This can help your rug survive for a longer time and remove any apparent stains or dirt particles.

Here are some good questions you may want to ask before you get your rug cleaned.

Questions to Ask a Rug Cleaning Company
  • What kind of training/certifications do you have in rug cleaning/care?
  • Do you have insurance for my area rugs when they are picked up and stored in your facility?
  • What is the normal turn around time to get my rug back?
  • Do you offer pick up/drop off for rugs and if so, what is the cost?
  • Can I drop off my rug at your facility?
  • What type of rugs to you clean? Are there any you don't clean?
  • Do you offer rug repair?
  • What is your rug cleaning process?
  • Do you offer fiber protector?
  • Do you offer rug storage?
  • Can you wrap my area rug for storage?
  • Do you do furniture moving?
  • Do you clean rugs at my location (Hint - not recommended for handmake or high-end rugs) or only at your location?

These questions will help you get a better idea of what level of skill and services your rug cleaner offers. REMEMBER - not everyone who cleans rug is a rug professional so it's best to do your homework!

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