Anti-Microbial Sanitization for Rugs

You might think that if your rugs are shiny and clean from the outside means they are fully safe for your family members. But sometimes, even a very decent-looking rug can be full of germs and bacteria. Among these, some bacteria are even responsible for growing molds in your rugs. Anti-Microbial sanitization is a type of rug treatment that cures your rugs from these unhealthy micro-organisms.

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Types of Rugs You Can Get Sanitized by Our Contractors

  • Oriental RugsOriental Rugs are famous for their elegant and catchy appearance. Oriental rugs are usually hand-knotted rugs made of wool and silk fibers. Because of the sensitivity of these materials, professional cleaning is mandatory for these rugs. Otherwise, the colors of the rugs can be spoiled and the resale value might be ruined for good.
  • Indian RugsIndian rugs are well-known as heirlooms or memoirs that are passed from one generation to another. As they are all hand-woven, calling for professionals to get them sanitized would be the best choice for you.
  • Nylon RugsNylon rugs are not as sensitive as the other rugs that have been mentioned before. But they too need to be maintained because they usually go through more rough use than others. Our contractors can get this done for you as well.

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