Causes of Rug Damage
Rug Damage Causes

Causes of Rug Damage Your Local Area Contractors Tackle

Dirty, stained, infested, greasy, torn or other damaged rugs aren't exactly a home centerpiece you want to show off. They're eyesores that you can pretend aren't there, or you can seek professional rug repair advice.

If you have a soiled, infected, or otherwise damaged area rug, our professionals are standing by to help you out. Their expert repair services can save your much-loved rugs by using their safe yet efficient cleaning products, spot removers, and bug repellants.

Rug Rangers offers damaged rug restoration services by the top local rug cleaning specialists, so you don't have to throw out those old, stained, and worn-out area rugs. They can work wonders on your area rug and save you from having to buy a new one. Give us a call at 844-230-3311.

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Pet Stain on the Rug

Rug Rangers Local Contractors Repair Many Types of Damage

These common types or causes of area rug damage are specialties of Rug Rangers contractors in your local area.

  • Dirt and soil: Over time, your rugs can accumulate dirt and dust, which degrades area rug quality and lifespan.
  • Pet stains and odors: Pets are drawn to rugs as a comfortable space to play, rest, or do other things. Old stains or odors need professional attention.
  • Chemical or liquid spills: Coffee, bleach, harsh cleansers, tricky food spots, and other stubborn splatters or blots can be stubborn and damage rugs.
  • Burn or soot stains: Tobacco mishaps, fire damage, smoke, soot, etc., can require specialized cleaning or repair techniques, serging, binding, etc.

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Pet stain removal, rug padding, rug repairs, rug backing repairs, rug fringe repairs, and more are all services that our skilled professionals with Rug Rangers can do in your local region in the United States. Call us at 844-230-3311 or visit our website now to learn more about our outstanding treatment, cleaning, and repair services for a wide variety of damaged area rugs.