Rug Pads by Rug Rangers Contractors

Rug Pads by Rug Rangers Contractors

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Rug Pads

A high-quality rug pad should last several years, before needing replacement. There are some simple ways to spot signs that will tell you when the rug pad needs replacement. If your pad is starting to fray, if you are seeing fibers of the padding next to your rug or the padding is no longer helping to hold your rug in place, it may be time to replace the padding.

Rug Pads by Rug Rangers Contractors

These signs are easy to spot, but typically only occur when a particular area rug pad has been used for too long. It is recommended to have your natural fiber rug professionally cleaned every one to three years. This timeline fits perfectly with pad replacement. The recommendation would be to replace your area rug padding when you have your rug professionally cleaned.

Benefits of Rug Pads

There are many benefits associated with the placement of specific padding under your area rug:

  • Extra Cushioning - A rug laid directly on tile or a hardwood floor will not provide much cushioning and can barely feel as though the rug is even there. The cushioning provided by the padding makes it softer, more comfortable surface to walk, sit, or lay on. This extra cushioning will also help with noise reduction. A smaller added bonus that would be quite noticeable for homes with hard surface floors.
  • A Protective Barrier - Area rug padding is typically made to help create a protective barrier between the rug and the surface beneath the rug. The obvious benefit to this is that if there is a spill on the rug, the padding will help to prevent the spill to seep through the area rug and the damage the surface beneath the rug.
  • Prevent Slips and Fall - It is quite common for an in-home area rug to have furniture such as a couch or table placed on top of the rug. A rug with no padding is susceptible to sliding or bunching. This puts anyone walking on or across the area rug at risk of slipping or tripping over the rug. The padding will help to hold the rug in place, which will prevent the edges of the rug from sliding or bunching up.

Types of Padding

The three main types of rug padding are Non-Slip Rubber, Felt, and Felt-Rubber combination pads. Choosing the right pad for your particular rug and pad needs is important. Improper padding can actually damage your floor, as well as your fine area rug.

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