Rug Cleaning & Repair Services For Types of Pet Damage

Rugs can face various types of damage from pets. From stains and odors to scratched and torn fibers. Due to hygiene and health risks, it is best to get professional service from a rug cleaning and repair company.

At Rug Rangers, we help you find the best rug cleaning and repair company for your specific type of pet damage on your valuable rugs. We offer our services all across the country. During all types of pet damage to rugs, we can find you the best rug cleaning and repair service company closest to your area

Additionally, we also provide companies for rug maintenance and rug protection services. Call us at 844-230-3311. We ensure you nothing short of the best for all your rug services needs. 

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Types of Pet Damage To Rugs

  • Stains: Pets, particularly dogs, can accidentally urinate on rugs, leaving ugly stains. Additionally, pets may vomit, leaving stains that can be difficult to remove. We provide companies that offer pet stain removal services. 
  • Scratches: Cats and dogs have sharp claws that can scratch and damage your rug fibers. We offer companies that repair damaged rug fibers.  
  • Chewed-up fibers: Pets, particularly puppies and kittens, may chew on rug fibers, leaving unsightly holes or frayed edges. We provide companies that offer all manner of rug repair services.  
  • Shedding: Pets, particularly those with long hair, can shed on your rug, leaving hair all over the surface. We provide companies that offer rug cleaning services.
  • Odors: Pets can leave unpleasant odors on your rug, particularly if they urinate or defecate. We provide companies that offer pet odor removal services. 

Trust Rug Rangers To Provide The Best Company To Repair All Types Of Pet Damage 

Pets can cause a lot of damage to your rugs, but there are ways to prevent and repair the damage. Regular cleaning, grooming, and monitoring of your pets can help minimize the damage they cause. If your rug has already been damaged, it is best to call a professional company to repair or replace it. Contact Rug Rangers during all types of pet damage to your expensive rugs.