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Synthetic Rug Cleaning in Your Local Area

Synthetic Rug Cleaning

A Synthetic Rug also is known as nylon, acrylic, or polyester rug. It is made using man-made fibers. The materials are usually made from petroleum in a lab and sent to factories to be machine woven into. These particular rugs are usually classy, gorgeous, can be expensive, and need to be well-maintained.

You will have to do area rug cleaning, pet odor removal, and upholstery cleaning every 6-12 months for the betterment of the rugs. These services will ensure you long durability and no problems at all in your rugs. Not taking professional can cost you heavily later on as your rug might catch rust, stains, deeper specks of dust, pet odor, uncleaned coffee spills, and many more common issues that are enough to damage your rug.

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Dirty Rugs Can Cause Health Issues

Very often we don't acknowledge these facts that not having regular rug maintenance for not only synthetic rug but all the area rugs can be harmful to health and result in underlying medical conditions at times. If you don't properly vacuum, keep your rugs clean, and get rid of spills, then it can catch clouds of dust which cannot be seen with bare eyes but are enough to injure people especially with a respiratory illness such as asthma, lung infections, and many more.

This is why we keep on urging people to let the professionals take care of your rugs and ensure proper health safeties for their loved ones

Dirty Rugs

Tips for Synthetic Rug Care

Proper cleaning includes regularly vacuuming your synthetic rug on both sides. Although vacuuming does not remove all debris from deep within the rug’s pile, it certainly removes some of the dirt and dust and reduces allergens that are trapped within the fibers. We believe and highly recommend to get your vacuum cleaning done by our local rug cleaning contractors.

Positioning your synthetic area in a bright and sunlit room will cause fading. However, using blinds or drapes to block direct sunlight will prevent some sun damage. Another option to reduce uneven wear and fading is to rotate your area rug annually. Also placing heavy furniture on area rugs may crush the fibers and create dents. However, using furniture coasters will prevent depressions in the rug. 

Synthetic Rug Care