What to Ask A Rug Cleaning Company

Types Of Rugs

What Types Of Rugs Can You Clean?

All types of rugs are welcome to Rug Rangers! This includes Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, sisal rugs, seagrass rugs, Flokati, Moroccan, Tibetan, Navajo, Dhurrie rugs, and even cut carpet and boat rugs.

What’s Your Turnaround Time?

Turnaround time is approximately one week. This allows your local Rug Ranger the time needed to thoroughly wash and dry each rug, especially if more than one wash is needed!

How Much Does Area Rug Cleaning Cost?

Area rug cleaning cost is determined by the size, style and material the rug is made of. You can get a quote for your own area rug to be cleaned from your local certified Rug Ranger.

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Can You Treat Pet Stains And Odor?

Yes. Accidents from pets, especially pet urine, can become a nightmare for fine area rugs. The alkaline salts in pet urine absorb moisture from the air and the pet urine never completely dries. It becomes a feeding ground for bacteria, which causes odor, staining and discoloration. Minor conditions may sometimes be addressed with a combination of germicidal and enzyme surface treatments. Major conditions can often require pad replacement and floor treatment in addition to treating and cleaning the rug.

What Makes You Different From Other Carpet Cleaners?

An authorized Rug Ranger, in contrast to the “fly-by-night” companies that use “bait-and-switch” tactics, our quality and integrity sets us apart. All our Rug Rangers have achieved a high level of trust and honesty in business practices. We have built a reputation based on fair prices and outstanding workmanship. We are personally invested in our company that serves homeowners from coast-tocoast. We value the relationships we’ve built with our customers and look forward to serving our new customers, as well. The Rug Rangers will be there when you call us, and we’ll stand behind our work.

Rug Rangers treat every area rug like it’s our own family treasure!

What Does Your Process Look Like When You Clean My Fine Rugs?

The Rug Ranger Process Consists of The Following Steps:

Thorough inspection – We check the rug’s size, type, colors, odors, soil conditions, overall condition of construction of rug, condition of the fibers, fringe, edges and face. Dusting/Vacuum – Our customers are amazed at the amount of sand and grit that comes out of their rugs. Removing sand and dirt is important because this grit acts as an abrasive that cuts and shreds the rug fibers. Eventually, the fibers break, and this damage is irreversible. Address Problem Areas – Spots caused by urine, food, oil etc are worked on next. In addition to liquid remedies, we employ the sun, shade, heat and many other natural elements to fix the problem.

Fine Rugs

Rugs with urine problems get flood washed in our “rug pool”. After a good soak, the water is extracted and the rug gets a thorough shampoo and a cleansing rinse. Cleaning. Over the years we have found that there is no “one size fits all” method when it comes to cleaning rugs. We decide what type of cleaning to use depending on the type of rug, the problem it has and the type of soil.

The Fringe – The fringing is brushed, untangled and straightened out, then shampooed and given a final grooming.
Grooming and Drying – The final step is to lightly brush so the nap is laying flat and the fringe is untangled. Drying happens in our custom drying room, to maintain the shape.
Inspection – At this point we determine if the rug is finished or if there are areas that need additional work and attention. If necessary, we go through this process multiple times in order to give the best results possible.
Protection – If requested, we apply fabric protector to repel spots and stains.
Area rug padding – Many customers enjoy using a rug pad to keep the rug in place, create a cushion, and protect against excess wear.
Roll and Deliver – Come to our shop or we will bring it back to you, and place it right where you want it!