Is There A Difference Between Rug Cleaners?

Rug Cleaners

To many people, rugs and carpets are interchangeable. Although both rugs and carpets need to be cleaned at least every 12 months, each require a separate cleaning process – especially when it comes to tricky stains like pet accidents, odors and spills! And, not all rug cleaners are created equal

Professional Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Rugs are a beautiful addition to your home’s furnishings, yet they also serve a function in keeping your home clean. They collect dirt and grime from all the foot traffic they receive on a daily basis and quickly become dull and less beautiful.Your local Rug Ranger can restore your fine rugs back to their original beauty. Our certified techni-cians can clean virtually any rug and have it looking as good as new.Our cleaning products won’t leave sticky dirt-attracting residue, which means your rugs will stay cleaner longer.

With regular clean-ing, your rugs will stand up better against the spills and mishaps of everyday life. Be sure to ask your Rug Ranger about all of our services so you can ensure your home is clean & healthy!

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To extend the life of your rug and bring out its natural beauty and bright colors, the expert technicians at Rug Rangers use a methodical 10-step rug cleaning process to inspect, clean, repair and restore your rugs to a beautiful condition. Contact us today to find out about saving money on having your own fine rug cleaned professionally

Gentle Thorough Cleaning

The Rug Rangers understand that your oriental and fine area rugs were big investments that are valuable to you. Your local Rug Ranger will exercise an unsurpassed attention to detail while cleaning them. Rug Rangers clean your rugs naturally & thoroughly. This process provides a comprehensive yet gentle cleaning for even your dirtiest and most delicate rugs. Our unique drying process prevents wicking and works to preserve the dye within the rug fibers, keeping the rug’s colors looking bright and vibrant!Our rug experts at Rug Rangers will first evaluate your rug in order to prescribe the right cleaning process.