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Rugs enhance the aesthetic value of your home. With modern times and technology, many types of rugs have been invented in terms of their shapes and patterns. You can choose among them according to your preferences. Rug Rangers is a wide network of rug cleaning & repairing contractors, serving your local area. All of them are extremely professional and dedicated to providing high-quality rug-relevant services.

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Understand More about The Various Types of Rugs

If you've never purchased a rug before, it might be challenging to choose among the many available alternatives. Having a solid understanding of the different types of rugs is essential for this purpose. The types include:

  • Hand-tufted: These types of rugs are tufted using a small tufting gun. Using a completely new method, these rugs are made. The technique follows by pounding silk or wool strands on the cloth and stretching on a metal frame. A mushy latex texture is put on the backside of the rug.
  • Hand-knotted: The hand-knotted rugs are woven in the most artistic way as they are knotted using hands only. Depending on the patterns and designs, it may take even a month to weave. They are one of the most costly and luxurious kinds of rugs.
  • Flatweave: Flatweave rugs don't shed since they don't have a pile. They are not hand-knotted, but rather manufactured on a loom. Most of these rugs follow a geometrical and diagonal design pattern. They are pretty low in cost.
  • Machine-made: These rugs are woven with powerful electrical machinery. Machine-made rugs are easier to manufacture than handcrafted rugs. They frequently combine wool with synthetic fibers like nylon and polypropylene.
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Types of Rug Patterns

The pattern of the rug is yet another important consideration when purchasing a new rug. A poor rug pattern might ruin the overall design scheme. Here are a few basic patterns that are currently in use:

  • Floral Pattern: These floral or leafy pattern designs look great in the living space. Most Persian rugs follow this pattern.
  • Southwestern Pattern: The beauty of desert landscapes and wild west feelings are reflected in the southwestern design pattern. These rugs use warm tones and materials.
  • Geometrical Pattern: The geometric patterns on these rugs, such as trellis, quatrefoils, or polka dots are pretty common. Modern rugs mostly follow this pattern.

Rug shape and patterns

Types of Rug Shapes

The shape of your rug may completely transform the look of your interior decor. Your personal choice or the requirements of your home improvement will determine what shape of rugs is best suited for your room. Commonly there are three shapes available:

  • Square: A rug in the shape of a square can go well in any small-shaped space. A square rug is quite conventional, works well in transitional settings, and looks stunning in modern settings as well. This rug will help you create a contemporary style for your flooring.
  • Round: In most circumstances, round rugs are undoubtedly quite trendy. Modern interiors frequently use circular rugs in a variety of sizes and materials. These rugs are a very popular style in contemporary living and dining rooms.
  • Rectangle: The oldest and most common form for area rugs is this one. Stick with rectangular rugs if your space has a really classic layout. The traditional decor works extremely beautifully with the rectangle-shaped rugs.

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