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Handloom area rug cleaning service

Handloom Area Rugs Cleaning Service

Handloom rugs are an excellent investment because the material is durable and long-lasting. These hand-knotted rugs are becoming increasingly popular. Most homeowners prefer these rugs because they are less expensive and last longer. However, these hand-woven rugs are typically made from thick silk or cotton fabrics. These materials are both comfortable and high-quality. However, lack of maintenance can damage the rugs over time. When you have children or pets around, they may spill food and stain them. Rug Rangers can easily get you cleaning solutions for all of these damages. We have a wide range of rug experts working tirelessly to clean your handloom rugs with the utmost care.

To get the best solutions for your rug-related troubles, you can call us at 844-230-3311. Our response team will hear you out and connect you to your nearest local rug specialist. Or, visit the link to contact us online.

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The Difference between Handloom Rugs & Machine-Made Rugs

If you frequently buy rugs for your property, you might already see some dissimilarities between the materials. However, if you don’t know the difference yet, let’s dive into knowing them.

  • The fringes: If the fringes of the rugs are just an extension, you might consider them as hand-made rugs. On the contrary, if the extensions are added after the sewing process, it is machine-made.
  • The finishing edges: When rugs are made with no visible stitches, they are more likely to be hand-woven. However, the majority of the binding finishes are machine-sewed.
  • The Backside of the Rugs: Examining the backside of the rugs can assist in distinguishing between these two. If the back part is perfectly even, it is more likely to be machine-made. The uneven rug bottoms, on the other hand, are mostly hand-made.

Count on Rug Rangers' Rug Experts for The Best Handloom Rug Cleaning

Our company is a wide network of rug repair companies throughout the country. We are here to save you time from all the rug-relevant issues. Our contractors serve you with different rug cleaning services such as pet stain removal, pet odor removal, rug repairs, and more. Apart from handloom rugs, there are other types of rugs we clean - custom-bordered, nylon, hooked, antique, etc.

Dial 844-230-3311 for your rug-related hassle. You can also click on the link to find the best local service provider near you. For further details, contact us online here.