Cleaning Wool Rugs in Your Local Area by Rug Rangers

Cleaning Wool Rugs in Your Local Area by Rug Rangers

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Wool rugs are one of the most luxurious and wonderful investments you can ever have for your home. These are very popular as stylish accessories in the home, and cleaning is a practical consideration when deciding on a rug for your home. You want to ensure the rug you choose fits your lifestyle so that you can realistically maintain it as needed. It will be well worth the effort, care, and attention to have a clean, beautiful rug displayed in your home. 

Natural wool rug cleaning and maintenance are usually relatively simple to accomplish as wool is naturally stain resistant, but then again it may always need a professional cleaning every once in a while to get dust and grime out. 

However, wool Oriental rugs, with their rich colors, may require more testing for color bleeds before professional rug cleaners attempt to clean them. When a thorough clean is necessary, both wool Oriental and natural wool contemporary area rugs benefit from knowledgeable, professional and experienced area rug cleaners.

Natural Wool Area Rugs

Natural Wool Area Rugs

Natural wool rugs, such as those manufactured from 100% New Zealand wool fibers, tend to have a more understated appearance compared to Persian and Oriental carpets. The colors of natural wool area rugs are subdued, understated, and neutral. In contrast, the colors of Oriental area rugs are brilliant, lively, and striking. These carpets for the region are often only offered in a single color option. If there are any patterns at all, they are not complicated or sophisticated; rather, they are relatively plain and easy to follow. When it comes to design, color, and overall aesthetic, natural wool area rugs are all about keeping things simple. Wool area rugs, on the other hand, are naturally resistant to stains, making them incredibly useful and often simple to clean. They are also quite affordable.

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Vacuuming Wool Rugs

A wool rug may suffer serious harm when dirt, dust, and other particles brush against its fibers. Therefore, it is essential to regularly use a high-quality vacuum to eliminate all dust and dirt. Be aware that your wool rug may lose excess wool fibers left over after weaving in the first few years and maintain it as you would any other carpet. Here are some more suggestions for preserving the beauty of your wool rug:

  • By raising the height of the vacuum, you may prevent the rug from being too agitated by the revolving brush. Too much movement can damage the wool fibers in a rug, which can cause it to pill or even shrink.
  • When vacuuming, the brushes on the beater bar should make little contact with the rug. Brushing will help get the dirt out of the fibers without causing too much damage.
  • Keeping the vacuum bag or canister below the halfway mark will allow for better suction.
  • Instead of dragging the vacuum back and forth in a straight line, make a "V" with it. To avoid damaging the delicate fibers, just switch up the direction in the vacuum travels.
  • Keep in mind that you can flip your wool rugs over and vacuum the underside, too!

Professional Experts by Rug Rangers

Wool rugs should be professionally cleaned once a year to get rid of the dirt and debris that regular vacuuming misses. This not only refreshes the look of the rug, giving it a like-new feel but also helps it retain its shape and color over time.

Because it absorbs more water than synthetic fibers, wool takes longer to dry and is more cumbersome to move around (especially in the case of area rugs). There are other carpet cleaners that may be too alkaline for wool fibers. If you want to avoid brown stains on your wool rug, make sure the cleaning you select has the appropriate pH level.

Wool carpets should be cleaned by a professional once every 12 to 18 months, according to the manufacturer. However, you may need to clean them more often if you have indoor pets, children who often spill sticky things on the carpet, or if oil or dirt is being tracked into the home.