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Leather shag rugs are popular as presents as they can enhance the decor of any room or office. These rugs include a plush feel and a wide range of colors, from neutral to bright. Rug Rangers suggests hiring a professional leather rug cleaner from one of our local contractors once a year to protect your investment and preserve the life of your rugs.

Our contractors are IICRC certified so you can stay assured your job will be done efficiently more than ever. All of their rug cleaning, mending, and restoring services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get in touch with us immediately to learn the best care practices for your leather area rugs. Call us at 844-230-3311 to find your local contractors.

Clean Your Leather Shag Rugs by Rug Rangers

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Leather Shag Rug Dusting and Vacuuming

Professional cleaning once every 12-18 months is recommended for leather rugs, but keeping them clean and dust-free in between visits to the cleaner is a breeze. A weekly shake-out can keep your leather rug looking like new in between professional cleanings by releasing any dust or debris that may have settled into the pile. That way, dirt, and grime won't be able to work their way down into the pile and harm the leather of your rug.

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Rug Rangers works with IICRC-qualified specialists who handle each rug with special care. They'll take a look at your rug, figure out the best way to clean it, and give you a free quote on the spot. They provide individualized service for a wide variety of natural and synthetic rug materials. And so, why delay? To have the best local rug cleaning specialists thoroughly clean your leather shag rug, call Rug Rangers at 844-230-3311 or contact us online.