Rug Repairing After Water Damage in Your Local Area

We often encounter lots of water damages in our lives and can do minimal steps to avoid it. Water damages such as Plumbing Overflow, Storm and Flood Damage, Appliance Leak, Burst & Frozen pipes, and many more can do serious damages to our homes and especially to our beloved rugs. Usually under such situations it's very hard to think about the damage itself but well we need the help of professionals to aid us. 

We have dedicated contractors in your local areas who come in great help for your rugs in any sort of water damage situation. They have dealt with so many restoration cases for so many years as to which now they handle things easier than you could have imagined. They will get you into your comfort zone and carry your tensions on their shoulder. 

All you have to do is give us a call 844-230-3311 and our friendly customer care service will immediately send one of the best rug cleaning contractors right on your property.

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How to Reduce Damage

Here are some of the crucial steps you can take when you witness water damage:

  • Stopping the water at its source, if possible, is the first step.
  • If it can be done safely, electricity should be shut off and small electrical appliances should be removed from the area.
  • Walking on the wet carpet should be avoided if possible.
  • Remove light-weight furniture from the area or place aluminum foil beneath the furniture legs. The foil aids in preventing rust stains to carpet and furniture that can become permanent.
  • Pinup draperies and furniture skirts so that they are not in contact with the wet floors.
  • High-value, moisture-sensitive, breakable items, or items, that may stain the floor coverings, should be removed. Do not forget to check under furnishings.
  • Make plans for furniture to be moved to a dry area by the restoration crew.