Rug Drying

Rug Drying by Rug Rangers Contractors

Rug Drying by Rug Rangers Contractors

After a rug gets washed, professionals start preparing for the last stage of the entire rug cleaning process which is the drying. Drying of rugs might sound easy but it's actually one of the most important stages to ensure you don't have mold and mildew and it retains the softness you want.

At Rug Rangers, we firmly believe if the finishing touch of the entire rug cleaning process is done well then we call it a success. If the rug is dried properly then it indicates to us it's ready to be used again for the long term and most importantly it is free of all those problems that made the rug look dingy and old.

Rug Rangers is the most trusted and reputable community of rug cleaning services, providers, or contractors, including advanced drying technology, operating throughout the nation. We have the best pool of certified service providers to take care of the various needs and specifications of the various rug types.

Importance of Drying the Rug

Why is Drying the Rug Important?

“Drying the rug is as important as cleaning the rug,” says John Poole, a consultant with the American Institute of Cleaning Science in Atlanta, Georgia. “If you leave the rug wet, you'll set off mold and mildew, so it's critical to clean and dry it thoroughly.” These are statements acknowledged by one of the most renowned rug specialists so you can be assured it is an important step, that is often overlooked in the process. Soil level and climate will also factor into how the carpet is cleaned and dried.

If the drying process is not completed properly, you may get exposed to certain unavoidable health issues from mold, mildew or other issues and the whole rug cleaning process will be useless, leaving you with a rug that looks as bad or worse than before it was cleaned. 

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Contact our team of friendly and knowledgeable staff at Rug Rangers today at 844-230-3311. Get the answer to all of your rug cleaning and rug repair questions, get in touch with a rug cleaning professional who can clean and repair your rug at their local rug cleaning contractor's state-of-the-art facility. Most Rug Rangers will also deliver it back to you within 3-5 days. They can also store your rug for you until you are ready to have it back while you are renovating your home or moving.