Pads for Pets

Lovely pets may cause stains on rugs if they are not adequately safeguarded from indoor accidents. However, installing a pet barrier under your beautiful area rug can prevent this worse scenario. Even after proper toilet training, they can spill urine and pet waste, which can cause both rug pads and the floor to be dirty.

So it is necessary to install a rug underlay for pets to prevent further damage. Rug Rangers has a list of experienced and licensed contractors who offer rug pads that work as a pet barrier. You can also use the zip code to find the best service provider around you across the country.

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Importance of Rug Pads for Pet Owners

Rug pads are essential for several reasons when you have furry friends at home. Pets love to run and play throughout your home, and for this reason, your rugs can move around. A pet barrier prevents a rug from slipping, making it safer for both pets and humans.

Furthermore, rugs help to protect your floor. Pets may be hard on floors due to their claws and mishaps. Rug pads minimize stains and scratches on your flooring by acting as a buffer. It also reduces the wear and tear on your flooring and mitigates the effects of foot traffic and pet stimulation.

By using an eco-friendly rug pad, pet owners can create a safer, more comfortable, and healthier environment for their pets.

Advantages of Pet Barrier Rug Pads

You will need a pet barrier if you have a pet and wish to avoid spills on your flooring. Adding a pet barrier to protect your rug from Rug Rangers' list of certified contractors has several clear benefits, such as:

  • More cushioning in the bottoms improves comfort
  • Use the rug on any type of hard flooring
  • Keeps area rugs in their proper locations
  • Lessen the rugs' overall wear and tear
  • Keep the floor free from scratches
  • Easy to clean up after a vacuum

Types of Rug Pads

Understanding the different types of rug pads can help you determine which is suitable for your pets. Here are the most common types:

  • Non-Slip Rug Pads: These pads are made of rubber and are designed to keep your rugs firmly in place. They are great for playful pets that tend to move the rugs. 
  • Felt Rug Pads: These provide extra cushioning and a comfortable surface for pets to lie on. These also offer upright protection for floors and reduce noise from pets running around.
  • Combination Pads: These pads combine rubber and felt to offer both grip and comfort. These are helpful for the pets to move thoroughly. 
  • Memory Foam Rug Pads: These cushions are comfortable and substantial. Memory foam rug pads are perfect for pets because they offer additional support and comfort.

Rug Pads Help to Reduce Noise

Pets can be noisy, especially when they are playing or running around. The sound of pets moving about can be minimized with rug pads. This is especially useful in homes with multiple pets or in apartments where noise can disturb neighbors. Your house will be quieter and more serene with the sound-dampening properties of felt and memory foam cushions. So when you need to place a rug pad underneath your area rug, contact Rug Rangers. We will help you find local contractors around you who provide rug placement services for pets.

Rug Pads Offer Thermal Insulation

Rug pads offer thermal insulation by adding an extra layer between the rug and the floor. This keeps the floor warmer, which makes your pets more comfortable—especially during the winter. Thermal protection is best achieved with pads composed of materials like felt and memory foam. Choose this rug pad for extra cushioning for both pets and humans. 

Why Should You Prefer Eco-Friendly Rug Pads?

There are ecologically friendly rug pad solutions for pet owners who care about the environment. Wool, jute, and natural rubber are among the sustainable and natural materials used to make these pads. Although they are biodegradable and lack dangerous chemicals, eco-friendly pads are a safer option for the environment and your pets. Selecting an environmentally friendly rug pad benefits the globe as a whole, in addition to your house. 

Pet Care Services Our Contractors Provide

There are several services you should be aware of if you are a pet owner. The enlisted contractors at Rug Rangers provide these services for your needs:

  • Pet Odor Removal: The goal of a professional pet odor removal service is to get rid of unpleasant odors from rugs without impacting the condition.
  • Pet Stain Removal: This treatment removes tough stains from rugs and helps preserve both their beauty and durability.

Rug Rangers Provides Convenience for You

Rug pads are a valuable addition to any home with pets. Get in touch with Rug Ranger's helpful contractors right now. Our enlisted, renowned companies provide top-class services related to rugs. All these companies have well-trained and certified specialists who can ensure all the advantages of rug services, such as the functionality of rug pads, suggesting rug pads depending on floor types, rug cleaning, rug protection treatments, and many more services.

To find your local contractor, contact us today and get premium rug pads for pets.