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Rug Washing by Rug Rangers Contractors

Rug Rangers is the most trusted and reputable community of rug washing and related services providers or contractors operating throughout the nation. We have the best pool of certified service providers to take care of the various requirements of our customers.

To retain the luster and beauty, your carpet should be deep-cleaned every 12 to 18 months, depending upon the lifestyle of the household, frequency of vacuuming, and whether the carpet is a light or dark color. Not only do clean rugs look better but clean rugs also last longer. It is generally recommended that your hand-knotted or hand-woven rug be washed every three to five years.

How Does Rug Washing Differ from Carpet Cleaning?

Difference Between Rug Washing and Carpet Washing

While carpet cleaning services are great for your home's carpeting, more skill and attention to detail are needed for delicate area rugs. Rug washing services are a specialized service that takes specific precautions to ensure that your rugs maintain their shape, fiber quality, and color vibrancy.

True professionals use both hand and machine washing techniques to preserve the rug’s integrity, and deep clean the fibers. This is in stark contrast to carpet cleaners, who generally use just one machine to handle the task of cleaning any carpets or rugs.

In fact, the entire process is different from the rug owner’s perspective as well. Where a carpet cleaning service comes into your home to clean the carpet, a rug washing service does the opposite. Companies like the contractors of Rug Rangers bring your area rugs to their salon (via pick up or delivery), where they clean, repair, and protect your rug with specialized cleaning equipment.

The company will then deliver your rug back to you in pristine condition. From start to finish, rug washing services are a step above and a worthwhile investment in the integrity and quality of your area rugs.

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