Professional Rug Dusting Services in Your Local Area

Professional Rug Dusting Services in Your Local Area

Rug Dusting refers to simply erasing and cleaning all specks of dust that are attached to your rugs for a long time now. It is hugely important to every homeowner who owns oriental rugs. Rugs are generally prone to all sorts of dust, dirt, coffee spills, pet/odor, and many more. If you don't get them cleaned and keep them in the same condition then you may have to face unwanted health issues. 

Rug Rangers is affiliated with some of the best local contractors in your local area. They promise to give you the best rug dusting services with cost-effective solutions. All you have to do is give us a call at 844-230-3311. Our friendly customer care service will get one of the best contractors for your oriental rug. 

Rug Dusting Process by Rug Rangers

Rug Dusting

Rug Dusting is not everyone's cup of cake. Here are some of the procedures our contractors follow:

  • First, they will conduct a rug inspection to check the type of dust attached to it
  • Then professional vacuuming will start off
  • They will test the cleaner on your rug for colorfastness
  • They use a special imported chemical which is used to clean all sort of dust, dirt and many more
  • They will use an advanced tool to dry the water, both sides of the rug will be dried out

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Dust from Rugs Can Cause Health Issues

Dust from Rugs Can Cause Health Issues

There are have been numerous medical cases registered involving respiratory illness and many more diseases caused by the dust from rugs. The materials used to manufacture carpeting, as well as the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) they emit, can cause allergic reactions, such as contact dermatitis, in people who are sensitive to them. They may also adversely affect the respiratory tract or result in allergy-induced asthma symptoms.

Let Our Contractors Do Your Rug Dusting

Rug Rangers are partnered with the best rug cleaning companies in your Local Area. Rug Dusting is not mentioned or provided by many rug cleaning companies. Luckily, we are associated with contractors who provide the best dusting for your rugs and will always keep in touch with you. They have a professionally trained group of experts who are licensed. All you have to do is give us a call at 844-230-3311 and we will get one of them to you.