Persian Rug Cleaning by Rug Rangers

Persian Rug Cleaning by Rug Rangers

The discovery of Persian rugs originated in various villages and cities in Persia known today as modern-day Iran. The many complex Persian rug designs were named after the different cities where they were produced. As these designs were later recreated in other parts of the world, they still kept their original city names, such as Sarouk, Hamadan, Kerman, Gabbeh, Tabriz, Isfahan, Bidjar and others. The main characteristics of Persian rugs are rich color combinations, thick pile, and detailed designs

Professional rug cleaning and care are essential to keep Persian rugs looking their best.Contact Rug Rangers toda to find out about your best local Persian rug cleaning and care services

Persian Rug Cleaning by Rug Rangers

Persian Rug Cleaning

Lovely heirloom-quality Persian rugs require appropriate professional rug cleaning to make sure the vibrant colors do not bleed. Persian rugs are usually made out of wool or silk and are made to last, with proper cleaning, care, and maintenance from our local contractor's Cleaning

At Rug Rangers our contractors will offer you exceptional

  • Area rug care methods that are safe and effective and time-tested
  • Rug storage service at our state-of-the-art rug, climate-controlled Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex facility conveniently located in Euless
  • Repair services from patching to complete reweaving, and
  • Award-winning customer service andcustomer service testimonial from our satisfied customers
Persian Rug Cleaning

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For Food Spills/Pet Urin

Usually, these are some of the most common spills you can experience regarding rugs, with urine being the harshest one among them. It can create color runs in the rug and the odor can be highly challenging to get rid of or disguise. Chemically, urine makes the foundation harder and less supple, and worst of all, the presence of pet urine can attract moths. If there are repeated wettings for the rug, the foundation can loosen and the rug could crack or break when gently rolled or folded

For food spills, it's easier to deal with if you clean it up promptly before the spill is ever allowed to completely dry on the rug. Blot up as much liquid as you can with either paper towels or clean cloth, and then try to rinse out as much as you can

Pet stool or Regurgitatio

When a pet regurgitates on a rug, then you're looking at a more complicated job. It truly depends on the food, but the mixture can work as a dilute dye in order to stain the pile a completely different hue

Clean up the area immediately and pick up as many foreign materials as you can with paper towels or clean cloths. If necessary, you can use a dustpan to scrape up the rest, but make sure not to manipulate it too much: this can just lead to the stain spreading even more than required

Whatever happens, don't clean with bleach on Persian rugs, as this can remove the color from your Persian carpet

Professional Rug Cleaning Technicians 

Rug Rangers has connections with local contractors who have certified smart rug technicians by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification IICR) and will deliver the professional results you can trust.  Our certified technicians are trained to recognize the different fibers, constructions, and types of rugs, along with their potential problems and the needed solutions. We have the equipment, training, and experience to restore the beauty of your rugs

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