Persian Rug Cleaning by Rug Rangers

Persian Rug Cleaning by Rug Rangers

Ancient Persian carpets were first unearthed in the towns and cities of what is now the Islamic Republic of Iran. Names of towns where rugs were made were often used to describe the intricate patterns seen on Persian rugs. It's interesting to note that even after Sarouk, Hamadan, Kerman, Gabbeh, Tabriz, Isfahan, Bidjar, and others were copied and pasted over the globe, their respective cities' names remained intact. Traditional Persian carpets are known for their complicated designs, luxuriously thick pile, and bright color palettes.

At least once a year, you should have a professional clean and take care of your Persian rug.
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Persian Rug Cleaning by Rug Rangers

Persian Rug Cleaning

Beautifully crafted to be passed down for generations The brilliant colors of Persian carpets should be taken care of by a skilled rug cleaner. The local contractor can help you keep your Persian rug in pristine condition with regular cleanings and repairs.

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For Food Spills/Pet Urin

Urine is often the toughest spill you can have on carpets, but these are some of the more frequent ones. It has the potential to cause color runs in the rug, and the stench it produces may be very difficult to cover up or eliminate. Pee, due to its chemical composition, causes the foundation to become more rigid and less pliable. Worst of all, the presence of pet urine might attract moths. If the rug is repeatedly wet, the base may become loose, and the rug may fracture or shatter if it is folded or rolled with even the slightest amount of force.

It is far simpler to deal with messes caused by food if they are cleaned up as soon as they occur rather than if they are allowed to dry on the rug fully first. Use either paper towels or a clean cloth to soak up as much liquid as you can, and then attempt to rinse off as much as you can while the liquid is still wet.

Pet stool or Regurgitatio

Cleaning up after a pet that has vomited on the carpet is a more involved process. If the right ingredients are used, the combination may act as a weak dye to stain the pile a different color, but this will of course depend on the specifics of the food being used.
As soon as possible, wipe the area using paper towels or clean cloths to remove as many foreign objects as possible. You may use a dustpan to pick up what you can't get with your fingers, but be careful not to handle the area too much, since doing so may spread the stain more than necessary.
Never use bleach on your Persian carpet since it might damage the dyes used to make the design.

Professional Rug Cleaning Technicians 

Rug Rangers can put you in touch with reliable local businesses that use skilled rug specialists accredited by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). A wide variety of rug fibers, structures, and kinds, as well as common issues with each and the appropriate remedies, are all within the purview of our skilled professionals. With our resources, expertise, and skills, we can bring your rug back to its former glory. s

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