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Let it be an event of a wedding ceremony, a graduation party, an art exhibition, or an award-giving show, the rugs used on these occasions are very large in size and so extremely difficult to clean and maintain. If you are an event manager and you need to have your ceremony rugs cleaned before and/or after an event, do not worry! Rug Rangers have got your back. No matter which city or state you work in, we have rug cleaning contractors who are trained and certified to clean your ceremony rugs. All you have to do is click here or call us at 844-230-3311  to find your local rug ranger.

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The ceremony rugs are normally stored until an event occurs, and they are so enormous that they require the use of a forklift or a hoist to move them. However, our contractors' facilities are large enough to accommodate them.

So whenever you need to have your rugs cleaned feel free to rely on the enlisted rug specialists at Rug Rangers. When you contact them, they will proceed to extract fine dust and soil from the rug after a careful inspection to ensure there is no fiber discoloration or pre-existing damage. They then will perform a  spot test to make sure there is no color run or dye bleed, followed by flushing out any leftover detergent. Finally, they will thoroughly clean, rinse, and dry the rug completely!

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Rug Rangers is a platform where you can easily find the local contractors in your area who are specialized in cleaning the gigantic rugs like ceremony rugs. We enlist the experts after screening them in every way possible to ensure guaranteed service and safety. Apart from ceremony rugs, they can also provide cleaning services for other types of rugs such as,

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