Fire-Damaged Rug Repair by Rug Rangers Contractors

Rug Rangers is the most trusted and reputable network of fire-damaged rug repair services providers or contractors nationwide. We have the best pool of certified service providers to take care of customers' needs, including fire-damaged rug repair.

Have a periodical inspection of your rugs in order to prevent any rug damage or normal wear and tear. Repairing of area rugs, especially a fire-damaged area rug, requires craftsmanship, skill and understanding of the rug construction, making the task a difficult but unique process.

Rug Rangers Contractors Restore Fire-Damaged Area Rugs

Fire Damaged Rug Repair

Many personal items after fires can't be repaired or restored, but fire-damaged area rugs are often one of the exceptions. The area rug cleaning and restoration professionals in the Rug Rangers network of contractors are highly skilled and ready to return your fire-damaged area rug to its former glory and beauty. Rug Rangers contractors services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Color correction
  • Smoke Odor Removal (Deodorizing)
  • Weaving, etc.
Reasons to Repair a Fire Damaged Rug

Rug Rangers Rids Rugs of Fire Damage

Cleaning and restoring a fire-damaged area rug by Rug Rangers contractors is necessary. Here's why:

  • Removing smoke and soot that can cause health risks
  • Determining if a rug can be saved after a fire
  • Water-damaged rugs create an ideal environment for mold growth
  • Repairing a water-damaged rug can prevent other mold-related hazards
  • Molds from water-damaged rugs can spread to other areas, pads, underneath or other surfaces

Trust Rug Rangers Local Contractors For Fire-Damaged Area Rug Repair

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Rug Rangers at 844-230-3311. Get answers to all of your rug cleaning and repair questions, schedule a convenient time for rug pickup and transport to your local contractor's cleaning facility, and see your clean rug delivered back to your address in 3-5 days. Your local rug cleaning contrator also can store your rug until you are ready for it's return during a move or renovation. Let Rug Rangers come to the rescue for fire-damaged area rug repair.