In-home Cleaning vs Rug Cleaning Facilities in Your Local Area

Many Bloggers or Youtubers would recommend you to get in-home cleaning and not to spend those extra bucks for a professional rug cleaning contractor. Well, honestly that’s all up to you. First of all, doing in-home cleaning can be highly time-consuming and will waste a lot of your energy. Above that, you won’t get the absolute results you were expecting and will somehow settle down to the work you have done.

In majority cases, we have found in-home cleaning results to carpets getting permanently damaged on a long term basis and at a point where they’re needed to get rid off and hence you need to buy a new rug which can expensive.

If you get your rugs professionally cleaned by rug cleaning facilities then not only your they are turned into their new shape but also guarantees you a proper long-lasting spell for many years to come. Rug cleaning experts use chemicals and tools which your rugs extremely need. They will assure you no damage on long term usage and trustworthy to take care of your rugs.

In-home Cleaning vs Rug Cleaning Facilities

Rug Cleaning Facilities

  1. Area Rug Cleaning: An area rug is like a piece of art for your floor. While beautiful, area rugs are delicate and require a special cleaning touch. Dreyer's Carpet Cleaning has that touch, making sure to preserve the textures and colors of your rug without damaging any fibers.
  2. Carpet Cleaning: A carpet is an attractive, functional addition to your home. It provides warmth and softness but must be cleaned regularly to prevent a build-up of dust and debris. Dreyer's Carpet Cleaning has the skills and savvies for that task, including removal of the toughest spills.
  3. Upholstery Cleaning: Other than carpeting, the upholstery on your furniture is exposed to more dirt and debris than any surface in your home. Upholstery must be cleaned carefully, using specialized tools. Our certified pros have the training and tools to excel at this task.
  4. Tile & Grout Cleaning: Having a tile floor is a durable, cost-effective alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting. To protect your investment, you must keep it clean, particularly the grout. Our certified cleaning professionals have the equipment and experience to make that happen.
Rug Cleaning Facilities