Hooked Rug Cleaning

Hooked Rug Cleaning Services in Your Local Area

Hooked Rugs are made by pulling loops of yarn or fabric through a stiff woven base such as burlap, linen, or rug warp. The method is akin to crocheting and quilting, handmade or antique hooked rugs often exude a decorative or artistic design. Though modern hooked rugs may cost up to thousands of dollars, it wasn’t the case back then. Because historically, hooked rugs were a craft of poverty.

Hooked Rugs are unique and are passed down from heirloom. If you take proper care of them then they can easily last 3-10 years without giving you any worries, at times even longer. 

This is why you will always need the help of professionals such as our amazing contractors who will give you the best services in your Local Areas. They have stocked machines which are specialized in cleaning hooked rugs. 

Understand that while most acrylic latches hooked rugs are safe to machine wash, they'll still last longer and be less likely to become damaged if you wash them by hand. 

Hooked Rug Cleaning

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